Info. Mikä on koukku?!

Koukku Films is a production company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our passion is to create entertaining and interesting high-quality content in video form. We trust in the power of living picture as a tool for conveying emotion, stories and information for people to see and experience. Just as a picture tells more than a thousand words, video can tell a whole story in just a few seconds.

Services. What we offer.

We can offer our clients complete media productions from script writing to post production, as well as assistance on specific stages in your project, be it offline editing, color grading, or for instance sound design. Contact us and ask for a deal!

Ihmiset. Koukkulaiset.

As a small production company our workflow is agile, flexible and cost-efficient. The creative power behind Koukku Films consists of the know how and expertise of three entrepreneurs. In case of bigger projects we operate as a collective of freelancers and also collaborate with other production companies.

Toni Kauppila, Kuvaaja/Leikkaaja
Jani Miettinen, Äänisuunnittelija/Äänittäjä
Joonas Schwanck, Ohjaaja/Tuottaja
Yhteystiedot. Ota meihin yhteyttä!

We are open-minded and interested in all kinds of video projects, be it an advertisement, a company video, a presentation of a new product, or for instance an animation. Lets find you the best solution together!

Koukku Films

Kekomäentie 2 G
00940 Helsinki
+358 408 458 319